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Space Insurance

A rapidly evolving industry demands expert underwriters adept at adjusting coverages for new technologies. Led by Sima Adhya, the Hamilton space team has the skills, experience and technical knowledge to underwrite the industry’s large, complex risks for commercial satellite and space delivery missions.

Contact us

Sima Adhya
Head of Space
[email protected]


Mainly geo communication satellites but also imaging and weather satellites and cargo missions to the international Space Station. The business is 80% launch and 20% in-orbit.

Key territories

Global account with a concentration of business in the US, Europe, Japan, China and Russia.

Target market

Satellites, covering their entire lifespan from launch to in-orbit testing and during their commercial exploitation. These include telecommunication satellites in geostationary orbit as well as observation, navigation, meteorological, scientific and government satellites.

Maximum line size

US$15 million per satellite