About Hamilton

We’re building a global, diversified specialty insurance and reinsurance company.

Founded in 2013, Hamilton Insurance Group, Ltd. is a Bermuda-headquartered company that underwrites specialty insurance and reinsurance risks on a global basis through its wholly owned subsidiaries.

Hamilton leverages analytics and research to create underwriting and investment value for its clients and shareholders.

A.M. Best FSR 2022
Gross Premium Written BN USD - 30/11/2021
Consolidated Shareholders' Equity BN USD - 30/11/2021

We know that the future of risk transfer is data-driven, so we ground what we do in technology to advance the value chain.

We know that the future of the industry is inclusive, so we welcome talent with open minds, and the skills and drive to build our company.

We know that the future of protection is collaborative, so we build partnerships that support our clients and our communities.

ESG at Hamilton

We share an imperative both as underwriters and as global citizens to ensure that we apply our business strengths to impart a meaningful impact on society.

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