Property D&F Insurance

Bespoke Property ‘All Risks’ coverage

Our highly experienced Property Insurance underwriting team focuses on larger North American, actively risk-managed Fortune 1000 companies. We work with a broad range of Producers, Clients and industry classes who demand technical underwriting expertise and a consistent and sustainable approach to their Property (re)insurance needs.

Hamilton’s innovative approach to technology combined with vast market experience enables our underwriters to embrace a larger risk appetite, in turn allowing us to customise risk-transfer solutions for each client’s precise coverage requirements.

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Head of Property Insurance
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Chief Claims Officer, Hamilton Re, Ltd.
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  • Up to US$40 million per risk on non-critical cat layer
  • Up to US $30 million per risk on onshore energy and industrial risks
  • Up to US$7.5 million per risk on critical cat layers (USA Tier 1 Windstorm;
  • California & New Madrid Earthquake; A&V Flood)
  • Actual capacity deployed dependent on risk profile and attachment point


  • Tailored 1st Party Coverages (manuscript follow form)
  • All levels of attachment* – buffer layers, excess of loss, primary, quota share
  • DIC/DIL Single Peril coverages (Earthquake, Flood, Hail, Wildfire, or Windstorm only)
  • Long term agreements (LTA) available – up to 36 months pre-paid; ensures consistent premium budgeting for our clients

* Underwriters can only consider writing Quota Share or Primary layers when robust deductibles are in place.

Target Classes

  • Gaming & hospitality risks
  • Public entity & municipality
  • Banking & financial institutions
  • Healthcare Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing risks
  • Pharmaceutical risks
  • Steel & molten metals
  • Energy & industrial risks
  • Class 1 & light passenger rail
  • Telecommunications & technology
  • Semiconductor risks
  • Power generation, utilities, onshore renewables & battery energy storage

Excluded Industry Classes

  • Abattoirs, slaughterhouses, isheries, hatcheries, chicken and egg farms
  • Coastal Hospitality and/or Habitational assets
  • Food Processing and Manufacturing risks
  • Growing Crops / Standing Timber
  • Marine Hull and War Coverage
  • Nuclear Power Risks
  • Offshore Marine and Energy Risks
  • Sawmills, Pulp and Paper with Black Liquor
  • Recovery Boilers
  • Third Party Liabilities
  • Underground coal mining