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Political Risks

Investors looking to expand their business interests in emerging markets need to protect themselves from unpredictable political risks. Hamilton’s political risk team, led by Finn McGuirk, combines specialist knowledge and innovative advice to provide underwriting cover for a broad spectrum of perils, providing clients with a bespoke service to protect their investments and mitigate against the financial impact of adverse political events.

Contact us

Finn McGuirk
Head of Political Risk
[email protected]


Protection against frustration of or default on contracts with governments, state-owned entities and private entities. Protection for overseas investments or simpler assets operated abroad against risks of confiscation and political violence and for risks of currency inconvertibility and non-transfer in remitting funds.

Key territories

Global account, except for territories subject to sanction.

Target market

Financial Institutions and banks, overseas investors, traders, exporters, telecommunications companies, drilling/oil companies and contractors/infrastructure projects.

Maximum line size

US$20 million for any one risk