Code 441


A springboard into the digital future

Hamilton is dedicated to the future of risk. We’re also dedicated to the future of Bermuda. That’s why we partnered with Code 441: to offer Bermudian children and teens the training they need to launch themselves into the tech sector—and bring the country along with them.

Code 441 is a non-profit aimed at improving digital literacy throughout Bermuda. Founded in 2014 by Jahde Eve, the organization encourages young students to explore technology and computer science. Code441’s hackathons teach students aged 12–17 the fundamentals of coding, such as web design, app development and cloud storage. With Hamilton’s support, Code 441 will continue to offer hands-on programming experience to students throughout Bermuda. Its annual Hackathon takes place each December, co-sponsored by Hamilton and AXA XL.

The benefits of this investment extend far beyond professional success. The new skills and tools taught at Code 441 hackathons will enable our younger generation to innovate and effect social change for years to come. Young Bermudians are the entrepreneurs and developers of the future—and fueled by their potential, our country is being prepared for the digital age.