Blue Marble

Closing the protection gap

Can insurance be a tool for social development? We think so. Because when a country is supported by protection that enables growth and development, it passes on its good fortune to its neighbours. Growth creates growth.

Insurance’s role in this cycle is often the difference between success and failure. It protects. It creates confidence. It helps to build a consumer class. Most of us hold insurance products in one form or another and trust them to help us through difficult situations. Yet reliable, affordable insurance is out of reach for many in the developing world.

Blue Marble Microinsurance aims to close this protection gap. Founded by Hamilton Board member Joan Lamm-Tennant, Blue Marble is a collaborative of eight insurers and reinsurers that designs and develops risk-protection products for people in emerging middle classes in the developing world.

Collaborative. Innovative. Socially responsible. Blue Marble is changing the way risk is written in the developing world. And we at Hamilton are proud to play a part.